About the FMRC

Beyond the Laboratory: Clinical Studies

At Metagenics, we take pride in our extensive research efforts. In addition to conducting the most innovative laboratory research in our niche, our clinicians carefully and thoroughly document the effectiveness of our nutraceuticals, medical foods, and therapeutic lifestyle change (TLC) programs work in real patients to improve health and reverse chronic illness. The results of their work are routinely published in peer-reviewed journals.

No other company in our segment can offer this kind of supporting evidence of effective use in a clinical setting.

Our On-Site Clinic: The Functional Medicine Research Center

Clinical studies and individual case management studies are conducted at our Functional Medicine Research Center℠ (FMRC)-the clinical research arm of Metagenics. Located on the site of our Gig Harbor, Washington campus and staffed by doctors, dietitians, nutritionists, and other clinicians, the FMRC is responsible for investigating and developing treatment approaches to chronic health conditions using TLC, nutritional products, and other natural therapies. Many of our nutritional formulas in development are tested here.

More than 2,000 patient visits take place annually at the FMRC, as part of:

  • Clinical studies to assess the impact of specific nutritional and TLC interventions
  • Individual case management studies (ICMs) that expand our research and understanding.
In numerous cases, the clinical outcomes have been life-changing in improving health and even reversing chronic illnesses.

Combined Efforts with Other Renowned Researchers

In addition to our FMRC clinical research, Metagenics medical professionals reach out to other organizations and universities for new research opportunities. By combining our efforts with other renowned researchers to design and implement clinical studies, we are able to conduct more leading-edge research than ever before.

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